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Is it expensive?

Is it personal?

From the moment we receive your application, it takes 2 to 3

weeks to receive an offer for position. The whole process takes less than 4 weeks. 

Salut! Bienvenue en France

The « Internship Paris » program offers students the opportunity to explore different career paths related to their field of study by interning at a company in France.

The program offers a unique way to acquire professional qualifications and to enhance the skills and knowledge of qualified trainees in their fields while benefiting from first-hand exposure to French culture and business practices.

We offers training placements in the following occupational categories:

• Sales and Marketing  • Communication, Public Relations   • Publicity, Journalism, Press 
• Audiovisual Medias, Cinema, Television  • Fashion  • Business Administration & Management 
• Hospitality and Tourism Management  • Architecture • Computing and New Technologies 
• History, Museums • Art, Art Museums and Galleries  • Social Services, Psychology, Health 
• Law, Politics, Government, Public Administration and many more...

The program has an open enrollment policy throughout the year and applicants may apply for a 2 to 12 months training program.

►Duration: 8 or 12 weeks or more 
►Location: Paris, France 
►Salary: Non Paid internship
►Internship Tuition: $ 2,250

►Housing: 550 to 750 Euro per month.

Intern Place

We will arrange a Skype interview to assess your skills and knowledge. After the interview, we will start your search process and schedule interviews with employers. 

We charge one flat fee for our internship placement service. Your program can be from 2 up to 6 months.